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The Secret Behind The Secret
Do you want to hear a secret about The Secret of attracting wealth... a secret that you have never heard before? A secret, that when learned and applied, could transform your whole life?

The Secret Behind the SecretYou've never heard anything like what Jerry Stocking discusses in this DVD. You might have never heard nothing like it before!

You might even become healthy, wealthy, and wise from watching it... all from learning about nothing. That's right. This video is about nothing, the very no-thing you need to understand in order to attract more wealth into your life.

Jerry Stocking will introduce you to The Secret Behind The Secret. This DVD isn't like anything you've been told before about attracting wealth. But the transformative knowledge you'll hear and see will dramatically change your life... now!

Aren't you tired of just reacting to everything that seems to happen to you in life? Wouldn't it be nice if you could stop reacting and start creating? Wouldn't it be great to create the life you know deep down that you deserve?

We all want everything we can manifest that will make our lives better and richer. Jerry playfully explains how to live a better and richer life by discovering and working with everything's opposite: nothing.
Special $19.95.

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How to Win by QuittingHow to Win by Quitting
How much of your day is consumed by what you perceive you have to do? Rules you think you have to follow?
Games you believe you have to play?
What can you do to get out from under it all?
It’s the one choice we never seriously consider. Quit something you feel you must do and you’ll soon discover that you never had to do it in the first place. In the process you’ll discover what you really want to do. By letting go, you’ll experience the genuine fullness and vitality of truly living. Quitting is an easy read and it will free you in all aspects of your life. Paperback, ISBN # 0-9629593-5-9, 272 pages. $14.95 Special $10. [Learn more]

"This work has brought new meaning to my life. I can stop pretending to be who I am not and be who I really am. I feel more alive with all my feelings. It's nice to notice my body."

Dorothy Harrison
"Jerry has a way of getting his point across by having you discover it on your own. The exercises he suggests are really profound. His work has changed my life in ways I could not have imagined and always wanted."

Anne Galbraith
"I don't have to TRY to be more calm, focused, satisfied, creative, productive, charming and interested in my life, it just happens, a little like magic. Being with Jerry is being in the presence of unconditional love."
Jamie Shuali
New York, New York
"Jerry Stocking is to the self-discovery movement what Warren Zevon was/is to the music industry. Both are immensely more knowledgeable than their peers at their respective craft. Yet both remain relatively unknown because of their commitment to not sell out to want culture demands."
Patrick Finnegan
Minneapolis, Minnesota
"Cluster calls with Jerry rock me gently to peace, they have changed my life. The calls are the next best thing to attending a live Jerry happening. I have been looking for this kind of play my entire life. I found it!"
Amy K.
Syracuse, New York
"What I get from Jerry is an invitation to learn about myself in ways that I just haven't found anywhere else. I get to work with other terrific people. Do yourself a favor, if you want to experience pure pleasure, spend a little time with Jerry."

Dan Manwiller
"Jerry's work shows me how to bring more of who I am to my patients, and find more of who they are in front of me; a consistent benefit to us both."

John Farrin, M.D., Emergency Physician
Clarkesville, Georgia
"Working with Jerry's is a lot like sex - one day you get it, the next day you don't, but you always find yourself coming back for more."

New York, New York
"I feel like one of the catatonic institutional patients in Awakenings who has been given a way to wake up to vibrantly live and communicate fully for the first time. Even as I wax and wane in my personal growth, I am fully aware that playing with Jerry will soon awaken the whole world."
Jim Johnson, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist/Neuropsychologist
"Jerry will show you how to take any relationship (including the one with yourself) to much, much deeper levels. You'll find out how to jump to the underlying levels of any relationship, the levels that lie beyond words... with anyone at anytime."

Paul Rakovich
"Jerry's innate curiosity and sense of humor about life and relationships is contagious. I've learned to be more attentive to the journey itself, rather than any particular destination along the way."

Rick Gridley
"I got involved with Jerry's work because I wanted more success and presence in a corporate environment, not only have I received both, but the real treasure has been that I am learning how to love and respect my significant other in the way she deserves."
Patrick Finnegan
Minneapolis, Minnesota
"Jerry is the American version of Obi Wan Kenobi. His light saber cuts through your patterns of illusion and leaves you rolling on the floor laughing."

Barry Kilzmer
Carmel Valley, California, USA, planet Earth
"In Jerry's courses, I stepped into the unknown parts of myself. Jerry's gentle, unpredictable guidance continues to open my perception and stretch my attention resulting in a quiet, deep knowing and acceptance of who I am. The effects of courses with Jerry last long after the course itself is done."
Marjorie Milroy
"I am getting to know myself and learning to love myself in ways that I had never before imagined or understood. I am waking up into the ease of flow in my life and discovering new possibilities all around me."

"Working with Jerry is an unprecedented opportunity. If you are one of the people that is truly on a path of self discovery and self improvement you owe it to yourself to experience working with Jerry."

John Nelson
Sales Trainer
"This on going work has been the most significant step of my life on the road to self fulfillment and to find out who I am."

Love Rob (aka Possum)
"Jerry's work has singly been the most transformative 'play' I have ever been involved in. It has turned the mundane of my everyday into wonderment and delight. What a gift, the kind you get to keep for a lifetime."

Jennifer Budney
"Jerry you model out what was possible. You are a very clear mirror. In your presence I feel so ordinary it's delicious. Thank you Santa Jerry. Happy Holidays!"

Howard Joseph
"Jerry's work will guide you, gently, to gems that have been yours to discover all along. You become lighter, closer to others in your life, and able once again to feel the true source of energy in your relationships."

"Jerry Stocking is a caring, compassionate, philosopher, modeler, and teacher who because of his unique talents of being connected to the energy field in a purely usable way, can help you with your core issues in his Illusion-Conclusion (IC) Course. If you want to get clearer on 'Reality' this course is for you."
Dr. Vetter

Jerry Stocking

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Jerry Stocking is a modern-day Thoreau living in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in North Georgia with a view of our culture from the outside. Each day in his mountain retreat is an endless exploration of existence, consciousness, and feeling what it is to be a human being. Being present and mapping the terrain back to who we really are is Jerry’s main occupation. [Read more]

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